THE SPARKLING BEAUTY OF THE SORCERESS Symbolic culture, arts and Imaginal practices beyond prejudice and Witch hunt 

Program code

Program Duration
10 Days

21th - 31th August 2017


350.00 € Students from University of Milano-Bicocca and IPAP (Postgraduate Institute of Psychotherapy) members
400.00€ all other participants

THE SPARKLING BEAUTY OF THE SORCERESS Symbolic culture, arts and Imaginal practices beyond prejudice and Witch hunt 


"The witches have stopped to exist when we have stopped to burn them" declared Voltaire, one of the most important spirit of Western Enligthenment, but are we sure he was right? Unfortunately nowadays we still witness worrisome symbolic(and even concrete) burnings or other events of violence against women and feminine sensibility, knowledge, behavior, style of thinking and living. Perhaps the problem does not concern only “reason” and, as thinkers like Jung, Hillman, Durand substain, it is rooted in a deeper dynamic imaginative substratum of archetypes, myths and symbols which move our actions, direct our lives and against which reason has just a weak power.

Moving from this considerations the school aims to involve the participants into an exciting journey into the reign of creative imagination (myth, tales, poetry, arts, cinema, music, architecture) in search of the symbolic character of the Witch in order to burn prejudices and stereotypes and to recognize its indomitable and wild beauty, its educative, transformative and even therapeutic potential for our life and culture. At the same time the school aim to show the value of the works of symbolic art as sources of knowledge and in term of a grateful attitude towards “feminine” and any other sort of “difference”. Furthermore the educative program aims to involve the participants in imaginal practices with the purpose to stimulate a sensible, participatory and gentle way of understanding phenomena, welcome differences and dwelling the world.

Contents Covered

  • Symbolic Culture
  • Immaginal Pedagogy
  • Symbolic Hermeneutics
  • Symbolic Poetry, Art, Cinema and Music
  • Witch archetypal image in symbolic culture

Program Coordinator

Prof. Paolo Mottana


Milan and Trioria (Liguria Region)

Application Deadline

30th May 2017

Requested documents to be uploaded in the application form

CV, ID card or passport.


Lessons will be held in English and in Italian (English translation provided), Course materials, tour visit and activities will be run in english

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The tuition fee covers all lectures; course materials and excursion. The tuition fee doesn't cover accomodation costs both in Milan and Triora. For accomodation at University of MIlano-Bicocca campus please visit our accomodation section. For excursion in Triora we suggest accomodation at Arma di Taggia. More information regarding the excursion will be shared as soon as possible.


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