RETHINKING THE CULTURE OF TOLERANCE. European integration after the Fall of the Berlin Wall.

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7 Days

16-22 September, 2019


€ 250,00


Univeristy of Milan

University of Sarajevo University of East Sarajevo

RETHINKING THE CULTURE OF TOLERANCE. European integration after the Fall of the Berlin Wall


The sixth edition of the Summer School, entitled “European Integration after the Fall of the Berlin Wall”, will be hosted by the University of Sarajevo. It will mark the conclusion of the second three-year cycle of the School, which is dedicated to the thirtieth anniversary of the revolutionary year 1989.

The 2017 edition tackled the question of “Europe, Borders and Migrations” (University of East Sarajevo), while the 2018 edition was devoted to “Groups, Conflicts and Reconciliation” (University of Milano-Bicocca). The 2019 edition of the Summer School will examine problems and contradictions faced by the evolving European societies, with a focus on the post-communist countries involved in the process of integration and association with the EU over the past three decades.

The fall of the Berlin wall has been celebrated as a milestone in the advance of human freedom, but it has also given rise to new concerns and issues regarding institutional and political practices as well as the everyday life of citizens within the frame of an emerging European space.

The remembrance of its legacy is crucially important today: while the ‘Iron Curtain’ has lost both its material and symbolic power, new political, social and economic cleavages and conflicts have emerged across European societies, bringing new challenges to the project of European integration. The School will discuss European model(s) of democracy and social justice from a transnational perspective, in a post-neoliberal era marked by rampant populism and radicalization, in which we face the spectre of new walls, and new forms of intolerance, discrimination and violence.

Topics Covered

  • The European integration process and the legacy of the Berlin Wall.
  • Revolutions of 1989: post-communism and democracy in transition.
  • New social and political conflicts within the European society.
  • Nationalism, transnationalism, and cosmopolitanism today.
  • Yugoslav wars 1991-2001: learning from the past.
  • Europeanization: a just and effective peace construction process?
  • Old and new identities, old and new walls: on toleration and difference.
  • New inequalities: liberal democracy and the failure of social justice.
  • Populism and renationalisation: the spectre of intolerance, discrimination and violence.
  • Toleration as toler-action and the new European political culture.

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Application Deadline

10 June 2019

Requeired Documents to be uploaded in the application form:

CV, ID card or passport/ motivation letter

Target Audience

The School is open to European and International MA and PhD students, post-docs and researchers. MA and PhD students from the University of Sarajevo, the University of East Sarajevo, and the University of Milan-Bicocca are particularly welcome to apply.

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Matteo Ceschi

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